4 Ways to Make Your Home A Safe Haven

grand prairie home insuranceNo matter what our daily tasks may comprise of, be it going to school, working at the office, or simply doing errands, there’s always the time of day when we feel the need to be in our homes, cuddled up by the fireplace or drinking tea by the porch. There are big and small ways on how you can ensure your home will feel like the safest haven. Installing a security and alarm system, having it insured with known companies such as grand prairie home insurance, and even simple decisions such as choosing the best lock sets for hardwares. These can all make your home secure as possible. Let’s look at ways on how your home can be the most comfortable and secured haven:


  1. Do not thrift on hardware

Like it or not, windows seals, door knobs, and little pieces you choose for your house plays a vital role in security. Your home can be accessed through these small components and so it is important that we don’t compromise with hardware. Investing on high-end hardware for cabinetry and dressers may also work because if by any chance a burglar was able to intrude, it would take additional time for him to gain access to your belongings. Remember that once a window is opened, your house becomes vulnerable- letting burglars in and unlocking doors.


  1. Consider a security and alarm system

Not everyone is equipped with an alarm system, but if ever you do have the extra budget for an installation, then I suggest you go right ahead. There are a variety of systems that can be installed, each one depending on your need and preference. If you stay at home or pack bags frequently, nothing can be a safer haven than a house with installations. This little investment can go a long way as alarm systems usually last a couple of years. Plus, when you’re leaving or going out of town, you’re mind is at ease.


  1. Remove the warnings

Our front lawn sometimes serves as an advertisement area or a warning zone. We provide it with signages about our security and alarm systems, and even sharing that we have a dog. The thing is, you’re basically making the robbery easier by informing the public that you have security measures installed. In some cases, burglars have already discovered the weak points of the system you have installed and therefore it makes it easier for them to break in. Another thing is, announcing that you have a dog ruins the chance of the burglar being caught off guard. They say that less is more, and with a house its true.


  1. Insurance

Insurance provides protection in worst cases. Consider your home insurance as a safety net when a calamity or a theft happens. It can fund your needs when starting over and nothing can be better than that. Even if you are left with no home to look back to, insurance gives you something to look forward to.

Making the home a safe place is every family’s concern. It is where we take off our shoes and leave our worries upon entering its doors. We should not take security measures lightly, and always be vigilant.

Tips On Lowering Your Home Insurance Premiums

Insurance is a type of risk management business and your insurer calculates your insurance premium based on the assessed risk that they have over the items you are trying to insure.  Take for instance your home.  If your home has many assessed risk issues, then the home insurance premium calculated by your insurer will be much higher as opposed to not having any risk issues at all.

This is the very reason why when getting home insurance, you should be smart and try to remove all risks involved that the insurer will likely construe as something they may have to pay for on claims later on.  If you do not have any risks involved, the insurer will deem that they have very little risk with you and thus lower your home insurance premium.

The thing is, how do you exactly do this – lower your assessed risk?  As mentioned earlier, you should take note that your insurer calculates your premium based on their assessed risk with you.  There are two ways on how you can overcome and succeed with their risk assessment of your home:

Make your home safe – if you own a big dog that is not really a cherished pet in the family, try to get rid of it.  Big dogs that are of the biting kind are risks for the insurer and may even deny you insurance if you own a big dog in the property. If you have a swimming pool in the property, then this is another assessed risk as drowning of little children can become a means to make claim.  This assessed risk can easily be lowered by constructing a gated fence access to the pool area.  By removing easy access to the pool area, you create a lower risk for your insurer.

Make upgrades – one of the reasons you buy insurance is to protect your home from the loss coming from theft.  By making necessary upgrades like replacing your door locks and window locks with more robust and secure mechanisms, you will have a more secure property that cannot be easily penetrated to by burglars.  Aside from replacing lock systems, try installing round-the-clock surveillance system.  The security cameras installed act not only as deterrents for would-be burglars, but the footages they take also acts as video evidences of the breaking and entering of burglars into your property.  Nevertheless, the installation of a surveillance system in your property will definitely help lower your home insurance.

Principles Of Insurance – The Insurer’s Means Of Reducing Risk

For insurance companies, there is really no way of protecting themselves against fraudulent claims created by certain individuals.  As a means of protecting themselves and reducing their risk at the same time, insurers have come up with the ‘Principles of Insurance’ so they can combat any unnecessary risk their business may come into.  Overall, insurers have come up with six principles to which they abide.

Utmost Good Faith –within this principle, it is construed that both parties are in utmost good faith with each other when entering the contract.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the client to practice honesty and disclose all facts and information regarding the item they are trying to insure.  Failing to do this will result in misrepresentation or fraud and will most likely lead to the cancellation or termination of the insurance policy.

Insurable Interest –within this principle, it is important that the individual or entity insuring the item has interest over the insured item.  If the insurer bears no real interest in the item being insured, the insurer will deny issuing any insurance policy over it.  In order for the insurance policy to be valid, there should be insurable interest when purchase of the insurance policy is made.

Indemnity – within this principle, the compensation for loss or damage of what has been insured will only be under appropriate amounts and with which the amounts compensated will not exceed the economic loss of the insured.  Once loss or damage has been substantially given claims, it will be construed that the item incurring damage or loss will be reinstated at its pre-damage or loss condition.

Proximate Cause – within this principle, the coverage provided will only contain predetermined perils and not others.  If you have home insurance that covers hurricane and wind damage, it is construed that you will not be covered for damages incurred by flooding as that is another type of home insurance coverage.

Subrogation – within this principle, if a third party deals some damage to your property that has been insured, the insurance company will pay for the claims made but will sue the third party for monetary damage it has caused the insurer as means of compensation.

Contribution – within this principle, if you possess a policy with different insurers, the principle states that the claims given to you will be shared by both insurers.  Under this principle, you cannot collect from both insurers even if you have paid for the premiums on both insurers.

Tips On Finding Suitable Home Builders

Once you have the opportunity to have your home built, it is important that you take it as you may lose the chance if you wait too long before having your home built.  Unless you are really aiming for a particular type of home, if you do have the budget or your mortgage loan gets approved, make sure to bite the opportunity as you surely would not want to miss this one.  However, even though such opportunity presents itself to you, it does not mean you will go ahead charging without doing some research.

Keep in mind that it is the home builders that can make or break your dream of a well-built home.  This is why it is important to do your research on home builders who are truly reliable and trustworthy of your investment.  Home builders come in three packages – the really good ones, the good ones, and the bad ones.  The bad ones are the ones to avoid doing business with at all cost.  If you do not know of any home builders, here are some simple tips on how you can find one.  Once you find them, make sure to do your research if they are truly suitable in hiring them for the home construction you have in mind.

  1. Ask your friends – asking your friends, relatives, and even colleagues will allow you to learn of home builders. It is likely that some of your friends know of home builders they can recommend.  If not, they may at least know of bad ones which they can advise you to avoid at all cost.  Keep in mind that rumors of bad home builders can travel fast and it is possible that some of your friends, relative, and/or colleagues have gotten wind of the gossip.
  2. Ask your architect – if you have an architect who drew up the plan for your home, there may be a chance they know of a local home builder which they can recommend to you.
  3. Lookup on local phone directory – your local phone directory will have tons of businesses listed on its pages. This will include home builders that operate within your area.  Try looking through its pages to see if there are any home builders you can find and research them if they have the potential for hiring.

Home Improvement Basics That Works

There are many aspects of home improvement.  However, nothing better comes to mind than methods that helps improve the overall aesthetics of the home.  If you find the overall interior and exterior looks of the home boring, then you can do some home improvement basics that can help change the overall looks and aesthetics of the home without actually doing any major renovation work.

  1. Paint – if your home is looking quite aged, one way to renew the appearance of the home is by having it repainted. Try having both the interior and exterior part of the home repainted and it will make the home look newer again.  You have the option of choosing the old colors for the refreshed look, or use new colors that are in contrast to the old colors for the renewed look and appearance.  A new paintjob will certainly make wonders on your home as it will help to elevate its overall aesthetic properties.
  2. Drapes –try getting new and modern drapes with elegant design. The new draperies on your home will certainly give better highly and accentuation to the room as it elevates the overall design aspect of the room.  The best thing about using drapes to make a home look more aesthetically beautiful is that draperies compliments the design aspects on the area it has been installed.  The best part about drapes is that there are many designs and colors to choose from and you can have an assortment designed for your home for use on different occasions.
  3. Garden – one way of further elevating the exterior looks of your home is by creating a garden. The garden does not necessarily have to have fruit and vegetable bearing greeneries, but more like flower-bearing plants.  Having a garden is not only pleasant to the eyes due to the greenery they add to the property, but having a garden in your property also helps with relaxation due to the fresh oxygen that the plants emit.
  4. Patio – when you have a garden, it is only normal to add a patio to it and some seating materials to it. The patio is a place where you can stay and relax during your free time, have a juice or coffee, and read some of the papers.  The patio can also be a place where you can entertain your guests outdoors.